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About APEx

The Advanced Prototyping and Experimentation (APEx) Consortium seeks to operationalize Science and Technology and facilitate the delivery of fundamentally advantageous change that is rooted in the creation and exploitation of scientific knowledge delivered at the speed of relevance.

The APEx Consortium will advance and accelerate Research (Science and Technology) and Prototype and Production capabilities that facilitate transformational overmatch by keeping pace with technology though speed of acquisition, diversification of sources, improved engagement, and innovative approaches.

Given the breadth and scale of the national security enterprise, the APEx Consortium will advance and accelerate capabilities to address Research, Prototyping, and Production capabilities in the Technical Areas and Research Competencies listed below. The specific Technical Areas and Research Competencies deemed critical today may change and expand over the life of the APEx Consortium.

Technical Areas
Kinetic hypersonics capabilities.jpg

Kinetic Capabilities (e.g., Hypersonics)

advanced chemicals and minerals.jpg

Critical Chemicals and Minerals

critical defense materials.jpg

Critical Materials

energy storage and batteries.jpg

Energy Storage and Batteries

small unmanned aircraft systems.jpg

Unmanned Systems 


emerging AI technologies for defense.jpg

Emerging Technologies



rare earth elements_edited.jpg

Rare Earth Elements (REE)

Multi-Domain Operations_edited.jpg

Multi-Domain Operations (e.g., Space)

Research Competencies
biological and biotechnology sciences.jpg

Biological and Biotechnology Sciences

warfighters interacting with complex systems.jpg

Humans in Complex Systems

network, cyber, and computational sciences.jpg

Network, Cyber, and Compuational Sciences

Sciences and applied research of weapon target interactions.jpg

Terminal Effects

electromagnetic spectrum sciences.jpg

Electromagnetic Spectrum Sciences

mechanical sciences.jpg

Mechanical Sciences

photonics, electronics, and quantum sciences.jpg

Photonics, Electronics, and Quantum Sciences

Internal, transitional, and external ballistics; launch, flight, control, and navigation o

Weapons Sciences

Science of mechanical and electrical power generation, storage, conditioning and distribut

Energy Sciences

mission-information to warfighters at speed and scale.jpg

Military Information Sciences

sciences of extreme materials.jpg

Sciences of Extreme Materials

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